Treating Yourself

Everybody is entitled to treating themselves and doing whatever they can to make themselves happy. You shouldn’t need to ask anyone if it’s okay to treat yourself, because it is.

I think when people ask someone else if it’s okay to treat themselves, they already know the answer. OF COURSE it is okay to treat yourself, and no one would ever tell you otherwise. I think people ask that as a reassurance because they want to make sure they are allowed to treat themselves.

But guess what? It’s YOUR life and it’s YOUR body. Therefore, you can have whatever your heart desires. I eat what I want, but I also eat clean! Do I measure the amounts of unhealthy food I have and calculate it into my diet? No. I eat healthy pretty much all of the time, but if I’m at dinner having a salad and veggies and I happen to see some fries, am I going to stop myself from the fear of getting fat? NO! Because I know that my diet consists of all healthy nutritious foods, and I exercise. So having a few “unhealthy” foods once in a while isn’t going to ruin all my progress and make me fat.

Treat yourself.


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