My philosophy when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle is that you must do multiple things to keep up with it. To me, living a healthy, well balanced life not only means eating whole nutritious foods, but also exercising so my body is able to grow and become stronger.

If you want to see good results in yourself, you should have a balance of both eating clean, and working out. You cannot expect your body to change if you are working out multiple days a week, but still eating poorly. In contrast, you cannot simply think you will see results if you just eat clean. Yes, you will be healthier, but if you want to be toned and get in shape, you should be doing both clean eating, and exercising.

But don’t get discouraged, both of these things are fun! I created my own personal workout because i don’t always go to the gym. I do my workout in my living room or in my dorm room at school, because that is what works best for me. It’s easy and convenient, and so far I’ve seen great results. People ask me what my secret to a flat tummy is, and i tell them that there is no secret. I eat clean, and workout! It’s that simple to achieve your goals.

For a complete 10 page description of my workout including photos, you can purchase my E-book, “Journey to a Good Life” for only $4.00! But my book doesn’t ONLY include workouts; it also includes 25 healthy recipes, meal plans, foods that i buy, ideas for vegetarian&vegan meals, and behind the scene photos! I hope you enjoy it and that it is able to assist you on your journey to a better life. The link is below.



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