Perks of Eating a Vegan/Plant Based Diet

When you eat a vegan/plant based diet, you receive so many benefits. First of all, you are fueling your body with many vitamins and nutrients, and it’s not like you need to go out and look for those things in certain foods, because they are in the main foods that you eat!

IMG_7966bSecond, you can eat as much as you want, whenever you want, and you will never get fat! Vegan and plant based foods are natural foods that come from the ground, and they have zero negative effects. When I say you can eat these things and never get fat, I mean fruits, vegetables, grain nuts, etc. There are a few minor exceptions that are vegan “junk food”. Don’t eat those. If you stick to eating vegan plant based food, you can eat one plate of veggies, or 5, and you will not get fat. (People often ask me if they will get fat off of fruit and the answer is NO! You will never get fat off of fruit, so go ahead and indulge)

IMG_8480Third, you will feel better. Your skin clears up, your stomach doesn’t bloat, and you feel more energized. If anyone tells you that humans need meat to survive, just tell them they are very incorrect. If anything, we need plants to survive – without them, I don’t know how we would live. Does meat give you glowing and radiant skin, and make you feel energized? Try eating a fully plant based diet, and I’ll let you answer that one.

Lastly, you are helping the environment. When you eat vegan, or even a vegetarian diet, you decrease your ecological footprint, which overall helps our planet.


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