Listen to your Body

Your body is smart and functions very well. In order to understand your body, you have to listen to it. If you eat something that hurts your stomach, you have to understand why that happened, and how you can fix it so your stomach won’t hurt.

 For a long time when I was younger, I hated drinking water. I thought it had no taste, and I refused to drink it when my parents told me to. Even the doctors told me to because they said water is so important to have every day. I often got many head rushes which made me feel light and dizzy. My skin was also dry. Both of those things were not good for me.

 Today, all I drink is water, and nothing else. I find it fuels my body and gives me energy. It never makes me feel sick or tired, because it’s WATER! It’s so good for you. When I am thirsty, I know I need to drink water to quench my thirst. When I am full, or tired, I drink water to flush out my system, and energize my body.

 If your body is giving you certain signs that you need something, do not ignore it. It’s doing it for a reason; to get your attention. It wants you to listen to it, to help both you and your body.

Your body is smart – so when it’s telling you something, LISTEN!


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