Life is Not a Game

I don’t know how many times I can stress this. Your life is not something you play or can gamble with. Your life is something precious, and special, and very very important. So when I say it is not a game, I mean you shouldn’t treat it like a game.
No matter what kind of lifestyle you are living, you are allowed to make mistakes. I wouldn’t even call them mistakes – I’d call them lessons learned. If you eat something unhealthy once in a while, it is OKAY. I’ve said this before. It will not make you fat or cause you to lose all of your progress you’ve made. If you eat something that upsets your stomach, IT’S OKAY! Now you know for next time. If you are on a strict vegetarian, vegan, plant based, paleo, any kind of diet, and you accidently eat something you’re not supposed to – IT’S OKAY TOO!

There are no rules in life to what we can and cannot eat. You are only human and you cannot eat perfectly all the time and never mess up. Trust me, I have had my fair share of “lessons learned”. I have ate things I thought would be okay, but then they hurt my stomach. Do I get all mad and regret eating it? No. I simply become aware that I should not eat it again because of the consequences. And that’s all! No hating myself, no blaming myself, no regretting anything. I learned my lesson through an experience, and that’s the way it should be.

If you accidently eat a food you are not supposed to, it doesn’t mean you no longer live that lifestyle. If you are a vegan and you accidentally eat something that may contain butter or gelatin, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a vegan anymore. You don’t need a perfect track record of X amount of days you’ve been a vegan. Yes, I keep track of that, but I have made mistakes too. I still consider myself a vegan because it’s not about how long you have gone about something with no mistakes, it’s about the lifestyle you have chose for yourself that makes you feel happy.

So don’t act as if life is a game where you cheat, win, or lose. Life is life, and no matter what you do, whatever it may be, it will be okay.



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