Every Body is Different

I work hard to be healthy. I eat the right foods, exercise, drink plenty of water, and stay away from greasy/fatty foods, and this works for me. It may be hard sometimes, but it does work.

But some of my friends however, can eat whatever they want, never go to the gym, and go out on weekends and get drunk, and STILL look skinny and slim. This bugged me a bit, but then I realized, everyone’s bodies are different.

You can’t expect to eat the same foods as other people, and get the same results. Eating clean and exercising may work for some people, and eating like crap works for others. But if you think “oh, well she ate McDonald’s and had shots of vodka and can look like that, so can I” then you’re wrong. Some people’s bodies just operate differently, allowing them to always stay thin even if they do eat like crap – and yes, that is annoying because people like me work so hard to stay in lean, and for others, it just comes naturally.

Also, don’t think I’m calling them fit. They may be skinny or slim, but chances are if they don’t eat clean, and don’t work, they probably aren’t in the best of shape. So that’s just a bonus for you – you have the look you want, AND you’re in shape.

Take my brother for instance; he’s a typical 16 year old boy, 6’3, who eats complete crap and never works out, and stays skinny as a twig. I just don’t get it. But that’s life, and as long as you understand no one’s bodies are the same, it will help you a lot throughout your journey.


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