Don’t Compare, No Despair

When it comes to living a healthy life, you have to remember that your end goal is not to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Those expectations are very high for women, and if you set a goal to look like that, it will be very hard to achieve those goals, especially because they are unrealistic and usually altered with Photoshop.

 When it comes to living a healthy life, it should not be about your waist measurements, or the number on the scale; it should be about you and how you feel. Sure, tons of girls are naturally tall and slim with fast metabolisms – but does that mean they are fit and in shape? No, some of them eat very poorly and if they had to run or do some cardio, chances are they wouldn’t get far. Just because someone looks tiny, doesn’t mean they are always healthy.

 Basically what I’m trying to say is, looks are not everything. And the number on the scale does NOT define you because it is not accurate. Fat ways more than muscle, so if you have been working out and eating clean, but noticed you gained weight, it just means you’ve gotten stronger, and you should take that ascend in a number as a good thing.

 But a lot of people don’t think this way. They have this perfect ideal body set in their mind that they want to achieve, causing them to work hard aiming for this end goal. But with a healthy life style, there is no end goal, it’s your life. That’s why I don’t like “diets” because they imply temporary progress. Same with “end goal bodies”. You shouldn’t strive towards a finish line – you should strive to feel good for your entire life.

 So forget about that perfect image, and don’t let the number on the scale change your attitude. Keep working hard for what you want to achieve, and if that is a happy life style where you eat clean, exercise, feel good on the inside AND the outside, then you my friend, have achieved a healthy life.


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