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Humans are Designed to Eat Meat

I’m sure you’ve heard this statement before, and most people probably think it’s true. Silly vegans, of course humans are designed to eat meat. I mean, if they weren’t, than why would we be eating it?

resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-oh-you-re-a-vegan-you-must-think-humans-weren-t-designed-to-eat-red-meat-how-adorable-5c4e6eWell, I’m sorry to break it to you folks, but humans are in fact NOT designed to eat meat. Yep, you heard me correctly. Interested? Keep reading. Not interested? Exit this page. I am in no way trying to put down others eating habits or claim that eating a certain way is the right way. I am simply putting this out there to answer all the people who claim that humans are designed to eat meat.

1. How we’re built. Humans have short, soft fingernails and pathetically small “canine” teeth. In contrast, carnivores all have sharp claws and large canine teeth capable of tearing flesh.

Carnivores’ jaws move only up and down, requiring them to tear chunks of flesh from their prey and swallow them whole. Humans and other herbivores can move their jaws up and down and from side to side, allowing them to grind up fruit and vegetables with their back teeth. Like other herbivores’ teeth, human back molars are flat for grinding fibrous plant foods. Carnivores lack these flat molars.

08c-human-frugivore-teeth2. Stomach acidity. Carnivores swallow their food whole, relying on their extremely acidic stomach juices to break down flesh and kill the dangerous bacteria in meat that would otherwise sicken or kill them. Our stomach acids are much weaker in comparison because strong acids aren’t needed to digest pre-chewed fruits and vegetables. Also, if we ate raw meat, we would get sick. (food poisoning, salmonella, E coli, etc)

3. Intestinal tracts. Carnivores have short intestinal tracts which reach about 3 times its body length. This allows food to pass through their systems quickly without gaining excess fat. A herbivores intestines are 12 times its body length; humans are closer to herbivores, meaning our food takes much longer to break down and digest.

Screen-Shot-2013-06-05-at-2.24.30-PM14. Hunting. Humans lack the raw abilities to be good hunters. They are not quick like lions, cheetah’s, hawks, and other predators. It was not until the advent of the arrowheads, hatchets and other implements that killing and capturing prey became possible for humans.


5. Psychology. Humans also lack the instinct that drives carnivores to kill animals and devour their raw carcasses. While carnivores take pleasure in killing animals and eating their raw flesh, any human who killed an animal with his or her bare hands and ate the raw corpse would be considered deranged. Carnivorous animals are excited by the scent of blood and the thrill of the chase. Most humans, on the other hand, are revolted by the sight of blood, intestines and raw flesh, and cannot tolerate hearing the screams of animals being ripped apart and killed. The bloody reality of eating animals is innately repulsive to us, another indication that we were not designed to eat meat.

10-17-2011-faux-carnivore6. Diseases. Ever wonder why so many humans are getting sick and dying? Well perhaps it is the MEAT they are eating. Real carnivores don’t get sick from eating meat, but us humans do.

Carnivorous animals in the wild virtually never suffer from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, or obesity, ailments that are caused in humans in large part by the consumption of the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat. Human bodies, on the other hand, were not designed to process animal flesh, so all the excess fat and cholesterol from a meat-based diet makes us sick. Meat-eaters have a 50 percent higher risk of developing heart disease than vegetarians!

7. Protein. And to all the people out there (because I’m sure there are TONS who are begging the question): where on earth will we ever get our protein?

We consume twice as much protein as we need when we eat a meat-based diet, and this contributes to osteoporosis and kidney stones. Animal protein raises the acid level in our blood, causing calcium to be excreted from the bones to restore the blood’s natural pH balance. This calcium depletion leads to osteoporosis, and the excreted calcium ends up in the kidneys, where it can form kidney stones or even trigger kidney disease.

Consuming animal protein has also been linked to cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, and pancreas. According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the director of the Cornell-China-Oxford Project on Nutrition, Health, and the Environment, “In the next ten years, one of the things you’re bound to hear is that animal protein … is one of the most toxic nutrients of all that can be considered.”

Eating meat can also have negative consequences for stamina and sexual potency. One Danish study indicated that “Men peddling on a stationary bicycle until muscle failure lasted an average of 114 minutes on a mixed meat and vegetable diet, 57 minutes on a high-meat diet, and a whopping 167 minutes on a strict vegetarian diet.”Besides having increased physical endurance, vegan men are also less likely to suffer from impotence.

558892_480907211951803_1971801497_n1I apologize if these facts are not what you expected. I’m sorry if these facts are not to your liking. I don’t write to please you – I write to bring the facts to light. My goal in this world is to make people aware of what happens to animals and hope that maybe one day we will all be equal beings who inhabit this earth. But a girl can only try.



Super Food Central

Sometimes I like to load up my plate and eat a ton. Okay, maybe this happens more times than some; however when I do load up my plate, I make sure it is filled with delicious and nutritious super foods. I like to call it: “Super Food Central”. IMG_9336I like to ensure that my body is getting all that in needs and more. By nourishing my body with these whole foods, I know I will feel super full and energized afterwards, unlike how I used to feel when I ate certain foods. All you need to create a ‘super food central’ plate is a bunch vegetables and grains. These were my choices:

veg tray

All of these foods have tons of great benefits for you, but below I’ll just name a few for each.

Kale: High in iron and vitamin K.
Spinach: High in literally every vitamin.
Sweet Potato: High in vitamin D, C, B6 and iron.
Cucumber: Flushes out toxins, and aids in weight loss.
Red Pepper: High in vitamins and a great antioxidant
Raw Broccoli: Lowers cholesterol and is a powerful anti-oxidant.
Raw Carrots: Improves vision and prevents cancer.
Avocado: Controls blood pressure, great for skin, great antioxidant.
Lemon: Balances pH levels, nourishes brain and nerve cells.

There are no rules here. Just throw everything together, have fun, and enjoy it.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Who loves pancakes? I know I do. Any chance I can get to make pancakes, I do. Especially when they are healthy, vegan, and delicious. Now usually the main ingredients in my pancakes are oat flour, bananas, vanilla extract, cinnamon, almond milk, etc. But who would have thought that you could use a vegetable as a secret weapon ingredient? Like seriously, a vegetable. When parents are trying to feed their young children vegetables, the kids will often push them away and call them gross. But when you slip this healthy super food into your breakfast in the morning, they’ll never even know. PLUS the sweet potato makes them 10x better.

IMG_9614Like I mentioned up above, I usually use oat flour in most of my pancakes. But the thing is, I’ve bought it from Whole Foods in the past for an outrageous price. Of course I didn’t think it was outrageous at the time – but yesterday, I made my very own oat flour for so much cheaper. You can try it too once you see how easy it is.

IMG_9163All I did was simply put oats in my blender (you can use a food processor as well) and blend it up! Stop the blender every few seconds and scrape the un-blended oats into the center, and continue to do this for a few minutes until you have flour! So simple!

IMG_9166Okay, so onto the pancake recipe, which is also really simple. The first thing you should know that I did was I cooked my sweet potato the night before so that I’d have it already mashed and ready to go in the morning. You don’t have to do this because it doesn’t take that long, but it’s an option.

Prior to the time of your pancake making, peel 1 large potato, and cut it into small pieces. Put the cut up pieces into a bowl with a bit of water, and microwave it for 7 minutes. Take it out, and mash it all up.

IMG_9623What you’ll need: a blender, mashed potato, banana, oat flour, water or almond milk, brown sugar, maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, peanut butter

1. Preheat your stove top or skillet to 300 degrees F.

2. In a blender or magic bullet, put in 1/2 cups of mashed potato, and 1 ripe banana

3. Add in 3/4 cups of water and blend it until you have a creamy puree

4. In a large mixing bowl, pour in 1 and 1/2 cups of oat flour.

5. Add in your sweet potato banana puree gradually and stir it in

6. Add 1/2 cups of water or almond milk and stir

7. Add 2 tbsp. of brown sugar, and 2 tsp. of maple syrup

8. Add in 2 tsp. of vanilla extract, and a dash of cinnamon.

9. Add in 1 tsp. of all natural peanut butter. If the mix is too thick, add more water until it is thinner

10. Cook on your pan or skillet until they are a golden brown colour.

11. Serve them with nut butters, banana ice cream, fruit, and pure maple syrup.

The batch should make 10 regular sized pancakes. Enjoy guys!


Reducing the risk of Getting Sick

This is the season for cold and sicknesses. Nobody wants to get sick, especially when the weather is cold, and everybody else around you seems to be coughing and sneezing. There are however a few things you can do to prevent getting sick.

The first is to stay clean and prevent germs from spreading. Wash your hands(especially before you eat), don’t touch public door handles(use your sleeve), and always cover your cough in your arm (not your hands, because you touch everything and that’s how germs are spread.) Make sure to keep your computer and work space clean, because you use those quite a bit. Also try to wipe down your cellphone or other things you may use in public often. Our cell phones have been rated the #1 germiest item we use.

hand-washingThe second thing you can do to reduce the risk of getting sick is to boost your immune system! And trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You can do this simply by the foods that you eat. Try to incorporate many antioxidants into your diet. Antioxidants are substances that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules, and protect the body from free radicals.(free radicals damage cells through oxidation and can lead to several chronic illnesses) Here are a list of vitamins you should be getting and the foods that they can be found in.


  1. Beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant that has been proven to cause a lower risk of developing cancer or heart disease in people who consume at least 4 servings of colourful fruits and vegetables a day. Beta-carotene can be found in apricots, carrots, green peppers, kale, spinach, sweet potato, tangerines, beets, asparagus, tomatoes, pumpkin, and watermelon.
  2. Vitamin C. If you have ever been feeling under the weather, I’m sure someone has told you to drink orange juice or eat an orange. This is because vitamin C is a great antioxidant and works amazing wonders for the body. Vitamin C assists several enzymes in performing their jobs, maintains protein collagen, which forms the scar tissue that heals wounds, and protects substances from oxidation. It also fights off bacteria and other invaders trying to enter the body. It has also been proven that people who consume vitamin C when sick can reduce the time that they are sick, and their overall symptoms. Vitamin C can be found in oranges, of course, but also kale, broccoli, grapefruit, kiwi, mangoes, nectarines, peppers, strawberries and tomatoes.
  3. Vitamin E: It flows throughout the body preventing oxidative destruction of tissues, and is a great anti-oxidant because it serves as the bodies main defenders against oxidative damage. Vitamin E can be found in all berries, nuts, raisins, apples, prunes, plums, beans, red grapes, and alfalfa sprouts!

Of course another thing people often get sick from is stress. The only advice I have for you there is: if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try to relax and distress yourself. We as humans have tons of things in our lives that make us stressed and anxious whether it be school, family/friend issues, or work, but we need to learn to deal and cope with these things. Trying yoga and meditation can help relieve stress. For more information on stress, you can visit this link:

yoga-anonymous-greenAs long as you do those three things (keep clean, boost your immune, relieve stress) you can bring the overall risk down of getting sick.

St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! This fun filled holiday is an excuse to wear green, drink beer, (OR a green smoothie), and celebrate! Every year my mother always puts stickers on her face, wears green everything, and makes green jello shots. She is very festive. This year I am celebrating by painting my nails green with the Irish flag, and sipping on a nice green smoothie.

2014-03-14 002 2014-03-14 015I have been experimenting more and more with green smoothies and I think I have fallen in love. I can’t believe I was ever scared to try them and thought they were gross just because they are green!? That is so colour prejudice. Let me just tell you, if this is what is stopping you from trying a green smoothie, wait no more. They are so delicious and so worth it, and after a while, you find the colour actually pretty.

IMG_9074So this is one of the newest green smoothies I’ve been having, and after trying multiple different kinds, I think i have found the perfect one for me.

1. Cut up and freeze 3 bananas 4-5 hours prior to making your smoothie.

2. Add them to your blender or magic bullet

3. Add 2-3 large pieces of kale

4. Add 1 tsp. of all natural peanut butter

5. Add 1/4 cups of almond milk

6. Add 1/2 cups of water

7. Blend it until you reach a smooth drinkable texture

IMG_9086Once you try this smoothie, you will realize you have nothing to fear about them! This one is just so tasty and sweet that I often forget it’s healthy!

Well I hope if you try this smoothie, you enjoy it, and also have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day where you drink and celebrate and have a ton of fun! Cheers!

2014-03-14 001 2014-03-14 001

Body Love and Hate

Today I posted a photo of myself on Instagram. I added it because I attended a school formal last night and I got the chance to dress up nice and fancy, and I was happy. So I added a photo of myself; a simple innocent photo of myself. Little did I know that by doing this, a whole bunch of hate and controversy would be started.

The girl that commented said that I was anorexic and that I should eat. I find this very offensive considering my Instagram is a page DEDICATED to photos of food that I make and eat. Second of all, she called me anorexic based on my looks. No one can call someone anorexic based on their appearance because anorexia and eating disorders are in the mind. Someone’s appearance is the result of an eating disorder, not a symptom.

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. My genetics just happened to be that I am tall (5’11) and slender. I eat clean, and I exercise. I am happy with my body, and I nourish it with foods that will keep me healthy. I love the lifestyle I live, and I will not let anyone tell me that is wrong.

Body shaming is not right at all.  I hate when people say “Real women have curves, only dogs like bones”, because what is this implying to humanity? That slimmer girls are not real? Are they fake people? I just don’t understand. It is wrong to hate on larger women and it is wrong to hate on smaller women. Everybody is different and we need to understand this. Any kind of body shaming is rude and offensive. We need to learn to love and appreciate everyone, regardless of their body size. True beauty comes from within, but clearly this girl does not understand that. Besides, there are tons of young girls on Instagram who do suffer from eating disorders, and they would take offense to her rude remarks as well. An eating disorder is not something that people can control, and even if I did have an eating disorder, her comment would still be very offensive considering they are a mental disorder.

Another thing she said to me was that “I clearly don’t eat any of the foods I post.” This statement could not be any more false. WHY on earth would I create a food Instagram, spend so much time making all of these foods, only to throw them out afterwards? It just does not make sense, and her rude remarks really offended me. I work hard to create these snacks and meals for other people’s enjoyment, and the fact that she doesn’t seem to understand or appreciate that really hurts me.

I will not try to let this get to me though. Clearly she has some issues of her own that she feels the need to take out on other people by insulting them. I will be the stronger and bigger person here and not let it get to me. Just know and understand that everybody is different, but we should always love them anyways.2014-03-15 007 2014-03-15 001

Debunking the Thigh Gap

So as most people probably know, the thigh gap is a big trend in today’s society. If you don’t know what a thigh gap is, it’s when a girl stands, with her feet and knees together, and has a small space in between her thighs. People believe that this shows that she is fit/skinny. Many girls envy the thigh gap, and often want one. They associate it with being healthy and in shape.

Now, I am not by any means against thigh gaps. Tons of people have them; it’s just naturally how they look. It’s the way that their body was structured, or their hips are larger, allowing their legs to be farther apart. What I am here to talk about however, is the situation and stigma around thigh gaps.

I see so many teenage girls wishing they had a thigh gap, and even starving themselves thinking that by doing this, they will get a thigh gap. This is not right. If you want to get skinner or in shape, then please, do so by eating healthy and working out. Do not try to achieve a certain look in your legs by harming your body. And also, remember that not every CAN get a thigh gap. As I said before, some people are just born with their body structured that way, and no matter what you do, some people just won’t get one – even if you are super skinny.

tumblr_mer4d9B5ig1qdhsxpWhat I’m trying to say here is, don’t aim for something that’s not guaranteed. Instead, aim for fit. Aim for healthy. Aim for happy. Will having a thigh gap improve your overall happiness? It might make you feel good for a little bit, but in the long wrong, it probably won’t change much. And the process that some girls go through in order to achieve this just isn’t right.

ThighGapBeyonce doesn’t have a thigh gap, and she looks fiinneee.

beyonce-main_2536491aI just wanted you all to know, that you CAN be skinny, and NOT have a thigh gap. A lot of girls who post photos of themselves where you see a thigh gap often do a little trick I’d like to debunk below. I am not saying they are not in shape, because they are! I see tons of fit girls who look awesome, but when they take certain photos, they do this to make themselves have a thigh gap. Why do this if you are already fit and healthy? Easy; society.

But just know there is no pressure for you to have a thigh gap. Just be happy with the body that you have, and if you do want to improve yourself, do it through clean eating and fitness. So many fit and in shape people don’t have thigh gaps. and remember, everything is not always as it seems.

2014-03-05 001 2014-03-05 004 2014-03-05 001 2014-03-05 008It’s all about how you stand, ladies.

no thigh gap

Green, Lean, and full of Protein Smoothie

Good morning everyone, and happy March 1st. Okay, so I’ve never made a green smoothie before. I have to admit, I was always scared of the colour. Let me just tell you now that if this is the reason holding you back from trying a green smoothie – IGNORE THE COLOUR!

IMG_8594Even when I was blending this smoothie and saw how green it was, I was a little iffy about how it would taste considering I’ve never made one before. So once I opened up the blender, I closed my eyes and stuck my spoon in (so I wouldn’t see the colour) and it tasted delicious! If your brain associates green with a gross yucky flavour, don’t look at it at first. But then eventually as you’re drinking it, you’ll realize it’s not bad at all, and that the colour is kind of pretty… like nature.

IMG_8590So as I said before, this was my first time making a green smoothie, and I don’t know HOW I managed to pull it off so well, but I did. I tried not to throw in a bunch of random ingredients to make it green – instead, I thought about the colour and the flavour together, and came up with an idea that will leave your taste buds craving more green drink.

IMG_8608So you’ll need quite a few ingredients for this one:  3 ripe bananas, kale, spinach, pineapple, strawberries, almond milk, almond butter, peanut butter, cacao powder, and cinnamon.  Remember to freeze your bananas 4-5 hours prior to making your smoothie.

1. Put your 3 cut up bananas in the blender

2. Add 2 handfuls of kale

3. Add 1 handful of spinach

4. Add 1 and ½ cups of pineapple

5. Add in 5 strawberries

6. Pour in ½ cups of almond milk

7. Add 1 tsp. of almond butter

8. Add 1 and ½ tsp. of peanut butter

9. Add 1 tsp. of cacao powder

10. Finally, blend it all together, possibly having to stop the blender to stir it with a spoon once or twice, until it is a smooth and creamy texture.
IMG_8576Hopefully you guys enjoy this one! And remember, don’t fear the green, it’s good for you.