Banana Prep

2014-04-06 004 2014-04-06 013The best time to eat bananas is when they are starting to have brown spots. That’s when they have the most antioxidants and are the best for you! They also taste better at this point as well.

If you peel bananas from the bottom, it takes off all those stringy things with the peel!

2014-02-15 003 2014-02-15 019I make banana ice cream and smoothies.. A LOT! And when I do make these creations, i use frozen bananas. I do this because in order to make the vegan ice cream have the texture that it does, the bananas have to be frozen.

I also freeze them when making smoothies as well because 1. it makes your smoothie colder (unlike it would be if you used a banana sitting out) and 2. it tastes better! I don’t know why, but frozen bananas in smoothies and ice cream TASTE better! Try it out and you will believe me.

Anyways, here is just a simple photo i took after i was done prepping my bananas. I wait till they are ripe, then i peel them, cut them, put them in a container, and stick them in the freezer overnight. I usually freeze 4-5 bananas at a time so i can use them the next day!

2014-02-20 001 2014-02-20 002


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