Cranberry Walnut Salad

This salad is a synonym for summer. I made plenty of salads over the winter, but never really photographed them because a) they weren’t that attractive, and b) the lighting was bad because it got dark so early. But fear the darkness no more! Now that spring is here, the sun stays out so late which I absolutely love. It just reminds me that soon it will be summer and I will be lying in my backyard tanning until 7pm.

2014-04-08 006 2014-04-08 001Anyways, this salad is amazingly delicious. I combined all of my favourite salad toppings onto one plate and created the ultimate salad. As soon as I took this picture I thought of nice weather and eating dinner outside; it’s just so green and colourful!

What you’ll need: Romaine lettuce, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, broccoli, mushroom, zucchini, walnuts, dried cranberries.

1. Wash romaine lettuce and break it into smaller pieces

2. Put it into a large mixing bowl and get ready to prepare your toppings.

3. Open a can of chickpeas, rinse them, and let them sit in the sink

4. Wash your vegetable and cut up 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, and some raw broccoli.

5. Also cut up some red peppers, mushroom and zucchini, and cook them in a frying pan on the stove.

6. Finally add your chickpeas along with walnuts and dried cranberries.

7. Mix it all together and top with your favourite dressing! I like Italian and Raspberry Vinaigrette

2014-04-08 006 2014-04-08 002 I ate my salad with the fried vegetables and some brown rice. It makes for the perfect vegan meal, or even as a side dish. If you don’t finish it you can store it in a container in the fridge and have it for leftovers the next day! (The best)

2014-04-08 006 2014-04-08 003



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