Square Bar Review

Over the years I have tried many different granola bars and energy bars that are labelled as healthy and nutritious. I now know that those bars are quite the contrary. Companies label and sell their bars as nutritious, but really they are packed with tons of additives and GMO’s that make them so bad for you. The reason they sell is because they are advertised as nutritious, and they are packed with refined sugars that make them so sweet and addictive.

Since switching to a whole foods plant based diet, I haven’t came across any great nutrition bars. That is until I heard of Square Bar.

IMG_9964Square Bar is a company run by husband and wife Sarah and Andrew Gordon. Sarah battled asthma for most of her life, and it was only after she cut out inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugars that she began feeling better.

They created these bars that are vegan, free of refined sugar, and GMO free! I was so thrilled to hear about a company that promoted such a whole, organic product. I couldn’t wait to try it – so when Sarah sent me over these bars, I tried them right away.

2014-04-05 005 2014-04-05 008All three flavours were light and sweet! They are all made with cocoa so if you like that, you’ll love all the flavours. My favourite was Cocoa Coconut which had both hints of cocoa and coconut, two amazing flavours.

The thing I like most about these bars is that they are all natural. They contain all plant based ingredients so they are safe for vegan’s, and they don’t use any artificial flavours or additives. Now a days people believe it is impossible to create something so good without any of those things, but Andrew and Sarah did it!

2014-04-09 001 2014-04-09 018“Squarebar launched March 2012 at Natural Products Expo West and is now nationally distributed… growth built on the notion that #IngredientsMatterMost. Don’t get us wrong, we love balanced nutrition facts as much as the next food label reader… we just believe in knowing where those facts come from, because they’re not all created equal. Best to start with nutrient-dense, sustainable, and let’s not forget yummy, whole food ingredients for happier snacking!”

Thanks so much Andrew and Sarah, these bars were awesome! For more information visit their site: http://www.squarebar.com/



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