3 Day Smoothie Detox

smoothie planHi everyone! After spending many hours working on it and preparing it, I am finally announcing the release of my 3 Day Smoothie Detox Plan!

As you know, my philosophy here on my blog is to help people be healthy and happy. I had a friend come to me a couple of weeks ago and ask me to create a smoothie detox plan for her. Once I started working on it, I realized this could be useful for more people than just her.

I’ve heard of some people doing detoxes and not having fun at all. They hated the smoothies, which made it hard for them to finish the detox. I don’t want that. In my detox plan, I have included 9 smoothie recipes that I have created and drank myself, that are not only healthy and revitalizing, but also delicious. The smoothies all contain many super foods and antioxidants that will aid in flushing all of the toxins out of your body, and overall helping your vital organs.

If you are interested, click on the link below. Happy detoxing!


smoothie detox cleanse


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