The Truth About Cow’s Milk

Many people often believe the misconception that vegan’s don’t get any calcium because they don’t drink milk. Not only is this wrong, but so is believing the fact that getting calcium from cow’s milk is healthy for humans.

Dairy-cows-PavementI am here to tell you that this is not true. Take everything you’ve been told about cow’ milk, and throw it away. I am not trying to change anyone’s opinions on the matter, and I am not trying to convert anyone to a vegan lifestyle. I am however providing the facts so that you can be aware of the situation and know what you are putting into your body. I’ve done my research, and here is what i found:

1. Human beings are not designed to drink any milk except human milk (only during infancy, of course)

milk2. Cow’s milk is strictly for calf consumption. Humans are the only creature that continue to drink milk after infancy. The milk that cow’s produce are for their babies to grow. The biochemical make-up of cow’s milk is perfectly suited to turn a 65 pound new born calf into a 400 pound cow in one year.

loving-mother-cow-and-calf13. Milk is actually a pour source of dietary calcium. Human’s, like cows, get all the calcium they need from plant based foods such as spinach, broccoli, oranges, kale, almonds, etc. Not only is cow’s milk a poor source of calcium, but it actually increases calcium loss from our bones. Source:

4. Milk may increase the likelihood of osteoporosis. Scientific research into the composition and consumption of another mammal’s milk shows it contains many components which can harm our health. Dairy products have been linked to breast, bowel, ovarian and prostate cancer, diabetes, asthma, digestive issues and numerous other conditions. Source:

5. Milk is very processed. Nowadays, cows are given antibiotics and most are also injected with a genetically engineered form of bovine growth hormone (rBGH). A man-made or synthetic hormone used to artificially increase milk production, rBGH also increases blood levels of the insulin-growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in those who drink it. And higher levels of IGF-1 are linked to several cancers.

milkingcowSo next time you go to drink milk or a dairy product, maybe try to reconsider. There are many dairy free options in our society today for milks, yogurts and many more. If you are concerned that you won’t know how to get calcium, check out my post on Getting Calcium without Dairy.




15 thoughts on “The Truth About Cow’s Milk

  1. This is a great post. So many people wonder why they are lactose intolerant and why they get such severe symptoms. I wish everyone could read this.

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  2. As someone with lactose intolerance I would just like to address the person who commented ‘so many people wonder why they are lactose intolerant’ – lactose is the sugar in milk, cows milk is not the issue, Arla make lactofree cows milk that is perfectly safe to drink – go figure.

    Also… I don’t mean to sound mean but this post is what is wrong in the world today, I accept that you don’t wish to drink cows milk, that is fine, but this is actually frightening to some people – such as the recovering anorexics, some of whom follow your blog. No we aren’t ‘supposed’ to drink cows milk because yes it is intended for a calf, but the fact is we do. We aren’t supposed to eat grains because they are tremendously bad for your digestive system and are the reason that more and more people are being diagnosed with gluten intolerance on a daily basis, but guess what, we do. In fact our diet is largely made up of stuff we shouldn’t eat because of all sorts of silly reasons, and guess what, we eat it anyway because we don’t care and it tastes nice.

    • You are entitled to your opinion just as I am to mine 🙂 But please don’t comment saying I am what is wrong in the world. I specifically noted in my post that I am not trying to change anyone’s mind or prove a point. I was simply stating facts and leaving them there for people to decide what they wanted to do to them. Yes our diet consists of certain things – that is also why the obesity and diabetes rates have sky rocketed. Go figure. Also, the leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. Go figure, again. So thank you for your enlightenment, but I will stick to what I think is best for the human body 🙂
      PS. people recovering for anorexia shouldn’t fear this post. It will help them get on track to being healthy. When recovering, yes you are trying to gain weight, but you have to do it in a healthy weight. No nutritionist would recommend someone recovering from an eating disorder to go gain their weight back in cheeseburgers. No, they gain in through healthy carbs and fats. They can simply switch to soy/almond/oat/hemp milk.

      • I didn’t say you were what is wrong, largely I think your posts are delightful. I said this post is what is wrong – it scares a lot of sensitive people for no reason :/ You only have to look at others commenting on Instagram to see how upset they are about it. It is okay to post advice, but the whole of this post is essentially one giant attempt at putting people off cows milk. You might believe that you aren’t trying to change anyone’s mind or prove a point but look at the words you have used ‘not designed’, ‘strictly for calf consumption’ – it really does sound like you are trying to prove a point, if you just wanted to advise then you should change your wording to advise. For example ‘cows milk isn’t supposed to be for human consumption, yet many of us drink it anyway’ – because that is actually offering an option ‘strictly for calf consumption’ provides no option for anyone, it is telling the person reading this that it is ‘strictly’ and therefore only, for calf consumption. You talk about obesity and heart disease and throw out these statistics but cows milk is a healthy fat, especially for people who cannot have milk alternatives. My mum ended up with an under active thyroid, not caused by diet, but rather by pregnancy and soy is tremendously bad for her – everything has it’s downside and we could both sit and google statistics until we are blue in the face because there is always some scientist saying something about one food or another. And I never said that they would get them to gain it back in cheeseburgers, as a recovered anorexic myself I know that thank you very much. The issue with soy/hemp/oat/almond milk is that generally it is a lower calorie option and the issue with that is it becomes the ana alternative to milk, because that person inside your head tells you that that is less calories and somehow that makes it better.

      • Okay, thank you for your opinion. As I said before, everyone is allowed to have their opinions. The reason for my blog and Instagram is to help people. I do not want to see people getting sick in years to come because of the food the government is convincing us to eat today. Essentially the choice to what someone eats is theirs. My blog is simply to share my perspective and opinion, and if they want to take my advice, they can. If they don’t want to, they don’t have to. No harm done.
        And as someone who is recovered as well, I can tell you that I would rather eat healthy fats, and I do not consider the consumption of another mammals milk healthy. I wanted all perspectives and opinions on things so that I knew what choices to make for myself. Yeah, there are some foods I really enjoyed, but then I found out how terrible they were for me. Did that scare me into a backwards spiral? No. Instead I learned to move forwards and nourish my body with copious amounts of healthy foods. Now I eat in abundance, and when I get full, I know I’m full of healthy foods, and that is 100% okay.
        But we will just agree to disagree.

  3. That is fine for you, but you are just one person. Like I said in my first post you have chosen not to drink cows milk and that is fine – I honestly have no say in what any other human being puts into their body. What I was trying to do was let you know that you have really upset a number of people with this post. You might not have been scared into a backwards spiral, but there are some more fragile people who are now saying they don’t know whether to have milk on their breakfast tomorrow, which you yourself must know, is triggering and isn’t helpful for anyone. I didn’t mean to criticise the way you have chosen to eat, the internet has a way of changing what people mean because of the way other people read it. I just think you should be careful how you are wording the things you are writing ‘I do not want people to get sick because of the food that the government are convincing us to eat today’ – you up have just done it again in this sentence. You are being single minded in the way that you don’t agree with it so are showing your side. If your blog was truly intended to advise then you would perhaps put both sides of the cows milk debate to allow people to make tap choice, just like you yourself have done.

  4. No they haven’t commented directly to you, but they have made posts about it. Instagram is a far larger community than just your pictures. Initially I wasn’t too alarmed about this post because I read things like this related to the health problems that gluten causes, but then I saw that you had upset a large number of people and felt something needed to be said because these people are my friends. No they have chosen not to say anything to you, but I have because I think you should be made aware, just like you feel people should be made aware of cows milk.

  5. And thank you for saying sorry, but like I said, initially you hadn’t upset me. My friends are upset, my friends are important to me and I believe that if I can aid their recovery I will. I don’t need to make other people up to justify an argument, if it was only me that had an issue then I would have either said that to you, or just left it.

  6. I am really sorry and I hate to say this 😦 but this post did upset me and quite a lot of other people. I am not fully recovered, I have days where I really struggle with food and eating and now I don’t know whether I can drink milk again because Ana is saying it is bad for me and I don’t know what to do. My nutritionalist says I have to drink a whole glass of milk a day and now I don’t know if I can because you have said it is only for cows and that just makes me feel like a fat failure and why should I have to have milk if we aren’t even supposed to drink it. Ugh 😔 I’m sorry, but I found the whole post really triggering.

    • I’m sorry it triggered you, but the truth is, there are going to be tons of triggering things in this world. You cannot simply be sheltered from everything, but rather be tough and know how to deal with it. If ana is in your head telling you something, learn to shut her off and think for yourself. As for your nutritionist – you can simply talk to her about changing your meal plan. Vegans get tons of healthy fats and carbs from plant based foods, so if you don’t want to drink milk, you don’t have to, and you will still be fine. Or you could ignore this post and think for yourself. You can do whatever you want to. You can eat or drink whatever you want to. Just because you read something doesn’t mean you should change your whole perspective. I read things about legalizing marijuana, gun laws, and abortion, and I don’t change my opinion – I now just have a wider view on things. So I am sorry if this post offended you, but there are millions of things in this world that can do that. You just have to decide how you react to it.

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