Super Food Central

Sometimes I like to load up my plate and eat a ton. Okay, maybe this happens more times than some; however when I do load up my plate, I make sure it is filled with delicious and nutritious super foods. I like to call it: “Super Food Central”. IMG_9336I like to ensure that my body is getting all that in needs and more. By nourishing my body with these whole foods, I know I will feel super full and energized afterwards, unlike how I used to feel when I ate certain foods. All you need to create a ‘super food central’ plate is a bunch vegetables and grains. These were my choices:

veg tray

All of these foods have tons of great benefits for you, but below I’ll just name a few for each.

Kale: High in iron and vitamin K.
Spinach: High in literally every vitamin.
Sweet Potato: High in vitamin D, C, B6 and iron.
Cucumber: Flushes out toxins, and aids in weight loss.
Red Pepper: High in vitamins and a great antioxidant
Raw Broccoli: Lowers cholesterol and is a powerful anti-oxidant.
Raw Carrots: Improves vision and prevents cancer.
Avocado: Controls blood pressure, great for skin, great antioxidant.
Lemon: Balances pH levels, nourishes brain and nerve cells.

There are no rules here. Just throw everything together, have fun, and enjoy it.


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