PB&J Oatmeal

What do you get when you combine two of your favourite breakfast combinations into one thing? Complete and utter awesomeness.

IMG_8791I decided to try the same idea I used with the banana bread oatmeal, and blend some fruit with my oats, and boy oh boy was that a marvelous idea.

Everything from the taste to even the smell of baked strawberry pie was just wonderful. Just like the banana bread oats, these were so fluffy and light – perfect for the morning. And they tasted so delicious, it feels like I’m eating dessert for breakfast.

What you’ll need: oats, brown sugar, strawberries, a blender, peanut butter, almonds

1. Cut up 5-6 strawberries, and microwave them for 20 seconds

2. Cook your oats how you usually would, add 1 tsp of brown sugar, and stir in the strawberries.

3. Pour your cooked oats along with the strawberries into a blender, and blend it for 30 seconds

4. You should have a bright pinky/purple colour

5. Pour it into a bowl, and add peanut butter, strawberries, bananas and almonds

And there you have yourself a perfect bowl of peanut butter and (strawberry) jam oats. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “PB&J Oatmeal

    • You are so sweet, thank you so much for always sharing your love on my blog! Whatever choice of lifestyle you choose will be the right one; whatever makes you feel the best! Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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