Food is the Best Medicine

Today was a rainy day. My mother and I are naturally low on iron, so we were feeling a bit under the weather. When it rains, the pressure actually drops in the atmosphere, leaving us feeling tired and light headed.

Rather than popping pain killers and Advil, we decided to make a homeopathic dinner. I understand that food is my fuel, and if I only ate junk and greasy foods, my body would not preform to the best of its abilities. It would lag and leave me feeling droopy and tired. So instead, I fuel my body with the best foods there are and I know that this will do my body good.

2014-02-01 002 2014-02-01 001 (2)This is what I made for dinner:
Quinoa which is extremely high in protein, contains twice as much fiber than other grains, and is also high in iron.
Sweet potatoes are an amazing super food that contain B6, vitamin C and D, and also contain iron.
Broccoli is high in fiber and protein, and also aids in digestion.
Butternut Squash Soup is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, and also high in B6 which helps the nervous and immune system.
Lentils: High in protein, stabilizes blood sugar, aids in digestion, and increases energy levels, not to mention they are high in vitamins and nutrients.
Green Smoothie: Jam packed with spinach, kale, fruits, nuts butters, and many more healthy ingredients that contain protein, fiber, and many other nutrients for my body.

2014-02-22 003 2014-02-22 002If this isn’t the most perfect dinner for someone who isn’t feeling the greatest, than I don’t know what is. If one things for sure, this dinner left me feeling full, satisfied, and full of energy. I ate so much, and felt full, but you know what? I didn’t stop eating because of “calories” or how much dinner I was having – I ate lots to feel good. I knew if I wanted my body to feel better, I had to nourish it and give it the medicine it needed.

So next time you’re not feeling the best, EAT. I promise you that your vitamins and super foods will make your feel 10x better than popping any pills will.


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