Everything from the Garden Salad

Salads are one of my favourite meals – and not just because they’re healthy- because they are fun and awesome. You can throw so many fun fruits and vegetables in there and top it with your favourite dressing, and it tastes delectable.

IMG_9332Another good thing about salads is, unlike chocolate sauce, the more you add, the better it is for you. And you can add such variety on there. I love salads because i can guarantee I’m getting enough greens and veggies for the day.

One of my favourite salad combos i make includes most of these things, so i call it the, Everything from the Garden Salad. It includes:


IMG_9333I mix it up really well, and top it with raspberry vinaigrette and it tastes divine. Plus it always makes me super full and satisfied, so if anyone tries to tell you salads don’t fill you up- don’t believe them.


3 thoughts on “Everything from the Garden Salad

  1. I love salads, but I have a weakness for putting cheese or salt on them. How do you get a salty flavor without making it unhealthy? Thanks in advance! 😊

    • To be honest I’ve never quite but salt on my salad, because I like the nice refreshing flavour the vegetables bring, but i guess you could either try not adding salt at all because salads taste fine without it, or maybe just put a little bit on. (It’s okay in moderation) Or maybe even try putting lemon on it.

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