French Toast

Two of the best breakfasts I love making are pancakes and french toast. I love these foods not only because they are delicious, but because I make them healthy. It’s all about the ingredients you put in them.

IMG_8654This right here is a healthy recipe for french toast so you can enjoy this wonderful breakfast without having to worry about eating poorly.

What you’ll need: milk of choice, 2 eggs, bread of choice, cinnamon, vanilla extract.

1. Start off by getting a wide/flatter bowl that can hold a piece of bread nicely without folding at the sides.

2. Crack 2 eggs into it.

3. Pour in 1/4 cups of almond milk or milk of choice , 1 tsp. of cinnamon, and 1 tsp. of vanilla extract.

4. Mix it all together really well.

5. Take a piece of whole grain bread, and dip it front and back in the mix

6. Once it’s soaked, stick it on your frying pan (greased with coconut oil, temp 350 degrees)

7. Do this again with a second piece and however many more you would like.

8. Let them cook until you are satisfied with the look, and they are no longer soggy.

9. For your toppings, you can add Honey Greek yogurt, fruit, and/maple syrup.



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