Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

How often do you get to eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast? Probably never. Well, the perks of being a vegan is this bad boy. It’s chocolate ice cream with a twist – there’s no dairy. And it’s such a basic recipe that you can make it in five minutes. Because who doesn’t love a good clean bowl of ice-cream?

This right here is my favourite snack that I have almost everyday. It’s SO simple to make, and so satisfying as well. And the best part is, it’s 100% clean, so yes, i can have it for breakfast… or lunch… or depending on how much I make … dinner!

2014-02-05 004 2014-02-05 0021. In order to make this little creation, you first need to freeze bananas, preferably a minimum of 4-5 hours in advance.

2. Once ready, put your frozen bananas in your blender or magic bullet.

3. Add in 1 tbsp. of all natural peanut butter

4. Add 1 tsp. of cacao powder

5. Blend it together until you have a thick creamy texture.

You won’t need to add any liquids to it because it could make it liquidy. Unless that is the texture you are aiming for, don’t add any. The blending process might take a few minutes and may seem to not be working at first. You just have to keep scraping the sides or shaking your blender to ensure all the frozen bananas are being blended. Once everything begins to mix together, it will blend more smoothly.


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