10 Reasons to Eat Fruit

I often get people asking me how much fruit I eat in a day, or tell me that they are worried about getting fat from eating too much fruit. You will never get fat from eating fruit unless you ate your weight in fruit every day. Yes fruit contains sugar, but it is natural sugar that is good for your body, and way better than any processed sugar found in most foods. Do not fear eating fruit, it is amazing. Here are 10 reasons why you should eat fruit.

Fruit1. People who eat more servings of fruit have lower BMI’s, smaller waist measurements, and lower body fat percentages without having to consume less calories.
2. They have many antioxidants, and they boost your immune system
3. Fruits tend to replace higher calorie treats, whereas veggies tend to be add ons/side dishes
4. Fruit is packed with water and fiber
5. Fruits naturally occurring sugar is less concentrated than other sweet foods
6. Fruit helps your skin. Studies found that those who ate an average of 2.9 portions of produce daily including both fruits and veggies were rated as healthier looking
7. Fruit improves circulation and also fends off compounds that damage skin from the outside in
8. Fruit provides endurance boosting energy
9. A banana has been proven to be a better pre workout snack than a sports drink, and raisins proven better than sports supplements.
10. Fruit is DELICIOUS and makes you happy.



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